Curriculum of the College:


The course of study followed in the college in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by Gorakhpur University.
Three streams are offered at the Graduation level.
Arts Faculty
Science Faculty
Commerce Faculty

Subject wise description of related faculty is as follows:

Arts Faculty:

Eleven subjects are approved & available for arts students there eleven subjects are categorized under following three groups candidates has to select only one subject from each group:
Group A – Sociology, Geography, Psychology, _____________ studies.
Group B – Ancient History, English, Mathematics, History.
Group C – Political Science, Economics, Hindi.

Science Faculty:

Following groups are available in Science faculty:
Group A – Mathematics Physics, Chemistry, Defense Studies, electronics, statistics,geography, Psychology, Computer Science.
Group B – Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Defense, studies, Geography, Psychology.
Group C – Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology, ___________ studies.

Commerce Faculty:

In the Commerce all following papers are compulsory in previous year.
Group A – Accounts & Statistics.
Group B – Business Administration.
Group C – Economic & fiscal Administration.

Post Graduation:

Arts faculty: Ancient History
Science Faculty: Chemistry