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From the establishment of Maharana Pratap Degree College, it has a great place among the pioneer educational institutions because of good educational environment as well as for its rich library from the preliminary year this well stocked, spacious library is being ____________ by the college to quench the students intellectual carving this library is available for the students from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. & College is planning to provide it for 24 hours in future. Besides it on need of the students, if they inform a day before than library can be available on the holidays also. Library contains a large collection of all the course books of three years of graduation in arts, science & commerce besides these course books, the library is enriched with reference books & books of foreign writers which are available for the students.

With the thought that the ‘Bookish knowledge is not enough’ the treasure trove of are illustrated encyclopedias novels _____________ library _________ collection of Indian culture & civilization, Hinduism & _________ of religious & historical books related to nationalism that provides knowledge of Indian cultural & civilization.

Along with a well stocked library a large reading room is also available; where near about 150 students can sit. If the students of two classes are free at time then they can sit in this reading room.

Besides, it the toppers of University & Pre-University Exams are ___________ to get a number of books from the library. The Pre-University Exam copies of the toppers are also kept in library for the observation of other students.

The treasure trove of library are research papers, reference books, selected doing news papers, weekly & monthly magazines & periodicals which helps them to discover & nurture their talents stimulate logical thinking & ____________ develop self confidence & leadership skills besides it Information & career counseling center is _________ by this library which provides Internet facility the students to help them for the admissions & different careers.

This Information & career counseling centre organize counseling sessions for students by the experts who advice them for career & courses according to their skills.

Faculty Books Sandarbh Granth
Arts Faculty 2800 662
Science Faculty 5258 722
Commerce Faculty 1276 218
B.Ed. Faculty 3720 1338